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Tweak a Myriad of Windows Vista Features and Performance Improvement o


"Tweak a Myriad of Windows Vista Features and Performance Improvement"
indir.biz Editor Number: Tweak Windows Vista Features and a myriad of development o Performance.
DTweak you need to do
- To combine disks and printers,
- Clean file and registry systems,
- Tune computer performance
- Native 64-bit support for hard drives, health and performance monitoring for optimal performance
- To optimize and speed up
Ini files changing hands, or Windows Vista system records.

We refer to the Features section DTweak For more information on Disk and Registry defragmenters, error scaners, Tweakers user account control, etc. - has many features such as.
Anyway - each new version, and continue to add new features, this version will come to you if you did not see it you'll see a needed feature! Now you can download free DTweak 4.6.

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